With the aim of offering solutions to Architects, Interior Designers, Acoustic Consultants and company clients ACOUSTEK produces a wide range of products for decorative and noise control uses. The company has a multi-skilled human resources team prepared and focused to work together with Architects, Designers and Acoustic Consultants so we can produce tailor made solutions if it is required.


Due to type of buildings where our panels are installed, the acoustic environment in a space is very important, especially when it comes to, for example, Auditoriums, lecture halls or airport terminals. All the frequencies has to be study properly in order to ideally reach the noise control of the spaces. Acoustek timber panels effects and regulates the acoustics keeping in mind a beautiful design.


One of our strengths is our team that has been working as installers in construction works for a long time, from South America to Asia, and we are in condition to offer technical supervision on site to our costumers.


We believe in design and innovation as the values which differentiate our products and which allow us to satisfy the requirements of those who use our panels. Our in-house Technical department works closely with external creative designers to create products which satisfy our customersī needs. Their vision, creativity and expertise joined to our knowledge of carpentry and bespoke fittings result in a cladding installation which is innovative, modern and always pleasing to the eye.

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