We create quality products by focusing on the customer, with the aim of meeting and exceeding his/her expectations. The company has several production facilities equipped with the latest technology CAD machinery.


All Acoustek personnel are fully aware of their responsibility in the attainment of quality products and services. The quality control department sets clear and measurable objectives and applies constant quality improvement criteria.The firm applies quality control and improvement procedures in all areas. All raw materials are chosen from time- proven and reputable sources closely monitored to guarantee their quality and all suppliers are evaluated on a regular basis. The company selects suppliers and carries out quality control checks at different stages of the production process and all components undergo safety and durability tests in independent laboratories in accordance with international regulations.

Customer sales and support

We are confident to provide the highest level of support to our customs in all phases of their project development. Our goals are to satisfy the technical and aesthetic ambitions the project vision demand. This requires a tight cooperation between our customers and sales staff. From phase to phase we track the project and submit the material and resources required to assist our customers in design and construction development. The final phases and implementing stages of any project are important for us and not least our customers. It is then the experience of our solving problems and snags in a short time space comes to the fore.This ensures that import information is communicated to the right people at the right time. Our customer sales and support team are always at your service whenever you need them. No minimum size or volume is required. We simply continue to be our customerīs partner after project completion. We assist our customers in whatever way we can to complete and complement our commitments to the project. We listen to our customers and we group analyze any complaint in order to offer a solution and avoid a recurrence.

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